Electricity + Energy Monitoring

Electricity + Energy Monitoring


Fluke 80 Series III Multimeter Fluke 80 Series III Multimeter

  • Accurate voltage and frequency measurements
  • True RMS AC voltage
  • 0.05% accuracy
  • resistance, continuity, and diode test
  • Built in thermometer
Kill-a-Watt Kill-a-Watt

  • Monitors electricity usage
  • Cumulative kilowatt-hour monitor
  • Displays volts, amps, watts, HZ, VA
  • 0.2% accuracy
Minneapolis Blower Door System Minneapolis Blower Door System

Heat Flux Transducer

  • Contact Alison Kwok, akwok@uoregon.edu
  • Calculates rate of heat flow through a material
  • Use to find R-values and insulating properties of a material