Entry NO. 12

Entry No. 12

25 October, 2013

Author: Ben Bye



Rowell Brokaw Architects | Luma Lighting Design

Eugene’s Hult Center for the performing arts recently underwent a lighting renovation in it’s lobby. The space was previously equipped with Fluorescent Light fixtures attached to the lobby ceiling, giving low lighting levels and ¬†Furthermore, the extreme height of the lobby required scaffolding in order to change out balasts. The cost of this task amounted to $30,000 per change, leading management to neglect burnt out lamps untill a large enough number where out. This led to highly diminished light levels in the lobby. Rowell Brokaw Architects took extreme care to design a lighting system that would not require the expense of scaffolding, instead relying on a mechanical lift that reaches up to 35 feet above the floor.


The new lighting scheme brings light closer to the lobby floor, creating a brighter more focused light. Light is focused both up and down the large timber columns, highlighting the distinctive structure showcased in the hult center lobby.



All Images From Rowell Brokaw Architects / Information from the Eugene Register Guard

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